5 Reasons to Invest in Fine Art Photography

Jan 7

Fine art photography has become an increasingly popular design tool in recent years, much to my excitement! Even though I am biased, I have always loved decorating with photographs from fellow artists and keeping photography books on my coffee table. It’s one of the reasons I opened the Print Shop– to bring my love and joy for photographing Charleston into your homes! If you haven’t jumped on the fine art photography bandwagon yet, here are 5 reasons to start investing!

Own a Completely Unique Collection

Investing in fine art gives you an opportunity to curate a collection that only you could. Wouldn’t you rather own pieces that speak to you and your personality than buy random wall art you snagged at Target or World Market that thousands of others own too? I personally love buying art from friends and artists I admire because it gives me a sense of purpose with what I’m curating in my home. I choose pieces that speak to me, excite me, and inspire me. My walls have been 80% blank for almost a year because Hunter and I want to take the time to choose pieces we love. Intentionality and patience are keys when collecting fine art!

A collection of fine art photographs of Charleston, South Carolina in white frames sitting on a couch

Support Local & Emerging Artists

When you buy from a local artist, you’re supporting not only their livelihood, but also their dreams, mission, and passion for what they do. Personally, I have built my business from the ground up and it means so much when someone is interested in and supports the work I put out into the world. I know all other artists out there feel the share the sentiment!

Woman placing a needing on a turntable on top of a record player table

Elevate Your Space

Remember when we talked about buying mass-marketed decor from big box stores? For the same reasons that investing in fine art will ensure you own a unique collection, fine art will elevate your space. Fine art photography is especially versatile, and has become increasingly popular for décor in all rooms of the house, even bathrooms! Fine art will add a touch of sophistication and specialness to any space in your home. Plus, fine art has the ability to evolve with your space as you update décor and move spaces.

Bring Your Travels Home With You

I love bringing home photos, memorabilia, and meaningful souvenirs from trips. If you’ve traveled somewhere you loved or have habitually visited a place throughout your life, what better way to remember that place than bring a fine art photograph of it into your home? That’s exactly why I created my Print Shop. I know so many people around the world love Charleston, and I want them to bring Charleston’s good vibes home with them wherever they are!

Two framed fine art photographs of Charleston, South Carolina by Abby Murphy

Cultivate a Growing Investment

Unique, signed pieces of art have the ability the retain and even grow their value over the years. Depending on the trends of the time, demand, quality, artist’s reputation, and historical significance, fine art photography like any other artistic medium has the ability to grow in value and importance. That’s just a bonus on top of loving the art you’ve collected!

Need Somewhere to Start?

Head over to my Print Shop and snag a unique, film photograph of Charleston and Sullivan’s Island!

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