Branding Photos with Military & Beauty Counter Gal Judy Griep

Mar 12

I had the pleasure of meeting Judy through my friend and former coach Stephanie Burg! They met sitting next to each other on a plane and instantly connected (I can see why!). Stephanie recommended me to Judy for photography. I love the surprising ways the world brings me together with people sometimes!

Judy is in the military and also loves working for Beauty Counter (especially since she can from anywhere in the world!). Judy was living in Charleston for a short time before being deployed. She wanted to get new branding photos done before she left so she could visually support her Beauty Counter business while she was away.

One of my favorite parts of Judy’s shoot was when she pulled out her “You Go Girl!” cards, which have an inspiring message on the back. She gives these out to women she sees in her everyday life, whether it be a mom in the grocery store wrangling her kids or someone that looks like they need an extra boost. This random act of kindness is so sweet and I loved that Judy wanted to include it in her branding shoot.

Thank you Judy for being such an inspiration and I loved meeting you, your husband, and your puppy Breckenridge!

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