The Ultimate Guide to Documenting Your LIfE

(Digital download)

If you're curious about documenting your life in a more intentional way than slapping photos on social media, this guide is made for you! It'll teach you:

ABOUT THE ultimate
guide to documenting your life

How to document more than just the "important" moments in life, including a kick-start inspiration list to help you figure out WHAT to even document about your life

How to be a better photographer no matter what camera you're using (because what is documenting without beautiful photos!?)

How to stay organized while documenting


How to gain the creative confidence to get started

The many options you have for documenting your life (from photo albums, to list-making, to keepsake boxes!)

The must-have tools and materials you need & my personal favorites

There's so much more packed into this guide, but I'll let you discover it yourself!

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