Hi there! I’m Abby, a brand photographer with an organizing obsession. 

I creatively transform your brand with a little dash of strategy and structure. Keep scrolling to learn more about me and how I can help. 

I didn’t always know I’d be a brand photographer for women-led brands.

once upon a time

But from the age of 8, I dreamt of running my own business. My mom bought me the American Girl Library book Money Makers: Good Cents for Girls at Barnes & Noble (remember this one?!). I started ALL the businesses (nail painting, crafty pencil selling, endangered Giant Panda fundraising!). 

Just over a decade later with my fine art degree from Rhode Island School of Design in hand, I moved to the sunny coast of Charleston, South Carolina. I had a few photography contacts, a part-time assisting job, and no plan other than to start my own business.

It wasn’t until I nervously stepped into my first networking event for women in business that I found the people I most wanted to serve: women like me, designing their own lives and careers. When I’m not transforming brands, you can find me and my smarty-pants engineer husband updating our 1960’s ranch, or lounging on Sullivan’s Island beach.

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Let's share your superpower with the people who need it most.

What Makes Me Different

The page in Money Makers I loved the most featured an illustration of a girl in her office, complete with a list of everything she’d need to make herself too legit to quit. I fantasized about the idea of organizing and designing my own office space as much as I aspired to call my own shots as a business owner.
As I’ve built my own brand, I’ve learned that this combination of creativity and organization is my superpower. My strength, my offering, my legacy. It’s exactly how I’ve helped up-level the visual brands of hundreds of creative businesses. 

The AMP Promise

what I can do for you:

Custom brand photography, in the form of a worry-free VIP Day. All of the visual content you need to capture the essence of your brand, created in 1 day.   


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Brand Photography Education

Modern, fine art photography prints with an old-school twist, featuring scenes of downtown Charleston and Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina. 

Fine Art Prints for Your Home

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I want to meet you, like, yesterday. 

Whether you’re interested in creating custom brand photography together, ordering a print, or collaborating on a special project, I can’t wait to hear from you. To learn more about my process and get started, fill out the form on the contact page. 


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