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    Imagine if you had a clear path to an effective marketing strategy- and the brand of your dreams. 

    You know your business needs a visually stunning online presence and a consistent marketing strategy. But after trying to make it happen (with the best of intentions) and not quite following through, you can’t imagine how you’ll ever become the marketing queen you need to be. 

    You just want someone to tell you what works so that you can truly transform your brand (and save your sanity). That’s where I come in. 

    Wish marketing your business were easier?

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    Visual Content Toolkit

    I created this course because you need an effective visual brand and a marketing strategy, like, yesterday. One that is effortless to execute, meaningful to your potential clients, and helps you smash your biggest goals. I believe that a powerful visual brand is essential to growing your business and making more coin.

    It’s totally possible to distill your genius into an effective visual brand, and I’m going to teach you how. 


    Ready for your life to change?

    Any of these sound familiar?



    Coming up with creative ideas for new photos and content is exhausting. Since when did entrepreneurship mean you had to be a social media strategist, too!?


    You don’t have the time or energy to dust off that old DSLR. You want to hire someone to take photography off your plate, but you want to ensure they deeply understand and respect your brand and vision. 


    You want your business to stand out from the competition (who doesn't!?). But beyond what you offer, you’re not quite sure how to express your magic to potential customers.


    Showing up as the face of your business on social media feels mortifying. Getting dressed up and putting yourself on camera sounds like the last thing you want to do right now. 


    You feel totally overwhelmed when it comes to creating your visual brand, the right way.

    "My biggest win since my brand shoot is launching my Elite program and selling out the spots!"

    -jordan, online coach

    It's easier than you might think.

    How do I know? I’ve worked with hundreds of women entrepreneurs to transform their visual brands. I’ve developed the systems and tools to skyrocket my clients to success, and now I’m teaching you my methods. 

    It’s possible to create a streamlined, effective visual brand that does the heavy lifting for you. Once you put in the work once, you’ll always know what content to create, how your content should look and feel, and what will resonate with your ideal customers. 

    But guess what...

    Visual Content Toolkit


    The complete guide to creating wildly effective brand photos that attract and convert your ideal customers, supercharge your sales, and make marketing easy.


    Creating brand photos to market your business does NOT have to be the energy, time, and confidence-sucking task you think it is. In fact, you can become your brand’s own creative director (no matter what stage of business you’re in) with a few simple tools. 

    In the first module, you’ll learn how to let go of the insecurities, doubts, and fears you have around showing up as the face of your business and telling your story. Translation: you’ll learn how to become confident on camera and in your communication with your audience (and who doesn’t want that?). 

    Next, I’ll teach you my special formula for figuring out exactly what photos you need to market your products and services. We’re talking what images will work best on your website, most-used platforms, marketing materials, and more. 

    And finally, unlock and reignite your creativity with a mood boarding exercise to make your dream brand a reality. 

    MODULE one


    Now that you know exactly what visual content you need to create, it’s time to put a plan into place. You’ll learn how to not only create a beautiful brand, but a strategic one…. because pretty branding only goes so far. 

    In this module, I’ll teach you how to seamlessly incorporate every element of your business into your brand photos (think: your goals, brand voice, ideal customers’ desires, and more). You’ll learn how to translate what you do into story-telling images that engage and convert your audience

    I’ll also equip you with my go-to tips for hiring the best team members to execute your shoot. You’ll avoid the overwhelm of doing this all by yourself, not to mention the moment you receive your brand photos back and…. you hate them.  

    Finally, you’ll learn how to style your brand photos so that they are always on-brand, versatile, dependable, and most importantly, resonate with your audience. 

    By the end, you will have a plan in place for executing your first results-driven brand photoshoot, as well as the tools to create impactful visual content as your business grows. Never waste your time or money on creating visual content for your brand ever again. 

    MODULE two


    If you’ve ever felt drained by the constant creation cycle (you’re among friends here!), this one’s for you. In Module 3, you’ll put your vision and plan into action and create visuals that work for you around the clock. 

    First, I’ll teach you my step-by-step process for preparing for a brand shoot without the stress and panic. You’ll know exactly what to expect, and kick those “will I look totally awkward??” worries to the curb. 

    Then, you’ll design and implement a marketing plan that will supercharge your success. Learn creative ways to use your new brand photos and how to tie them into your overall marketing strategy. 

    By the end of Module 3, you will understand how to create fresh, consistent content for your brand with your A-Team and on your own. You’ll get my behind-the-scenes tips for how to take better photos, and a strategy for mapping out exactly what to post about on what platforms. 

    MODULE three

    Tools & Resources

    In every module, you’ll get bonus lessons and resources for fast-tracking your success. I told you it was a toolkit!

    Fill-in-the-blank brand guide for your brand colors, logos, and brand pillars to help you make decisions and ensure everything is cohesive along the way.

    Customizable shot list to make sure you have every piece of content you need to sell your offers and reach your goals and don’t miss a thing.

    Super fun mood-boarding exercise that will help you bring your vision to life and ignite your creativity.

    Guidance for determining the brand stories that will resonate most with your customers, and a worksheet to translate your stories into shot ideas.

    Wardrobe guide with 8 photoshoot outfit recipes and formulas for achieving variety in your looks.

    Brand photographer hiring guide and a lesson on hiring the best team members (hello glam squad!). PLUS: a research tracker to help you keep track of who’s who.

    100+ prop ideas list PDF to help you style your shoot to perfection.

    Posing guide with 30+ flattering poses (my MOST-REQUESTED resource!).

    Color schemes guide for my best tips and examples for creating a visual and emotional impact with your photos.

    Locations guide with industry-insider resources for choosing an on-brand backdrop for your brand shoot. 

    Shoot budget planner to help you forecast and plan your expenses.

    Upbeat, Beyonce-filled Spotify playlist to play on shoot day and to get you PUMPED UP and feeling incredible in front of the camera.

    Shoot preparation checklist so you don’t forget anything and show up feeling ready to rock your shoot.

    Canva shoot planner template: the mothership of shoot planning and your home base. Use this again and again for future shoots! (This exact doc is what I use to plan every client shoot).

    Fillable marketing strategy templates to help you use your shiny new photos and get results.

    Bonus tips on how to take better photos when you want to create content yourself.

    what's included

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    How to Supercharge Your Sales with Brand Photography

    Learn my top 3 strategies to build a visual brand that generates sales for you and makes marketing easy!

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    Ditch the overwhelm and stress when it comes to planning and creating content. 

    How does this sound?

    the results you're going to get:


    Know exactly where and how to use your brand photos for optimum results. 


    Create a squad of loyal followers who consistently engage with your content- and buy what you’re selling.


    Carve out an untouchable spot in your industry. You won’t just stand out from the competition, you’ll separate yourself.


    Learn how to style your brand photos to perfection so that your content is always consistent with your brand. 

    yes, i'm in!


    Gain confidence stepping in front of the camera and kick that insecurity to the curb. 


    Discover exactly what content you need to create to increase sales of your products and services.



    Craft a repeatable marketing plan with your killer new visual assets. 

    Receive a toolkit to refine and maximize your visual brand as your business grows. 

    "I more than doubled my income since my first
    brand shoot with Abby!"

    -Tara, Esthetician

    A year from now, you'll thank yourself for making this commitment. 

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    your fearless leader

    You can have that, too.

    I’m a brand photographer for women-led brands. 

    But I wasn’t always just a brand photographer. I shot weddings, couples, families, and corporate events, too. Unsurprisingly, I burnt out trying to be the photographer for everyone. Then, I asked myself who I really wanted to
    serve and the answer was easy: women entrepreneurs who were blazing their own paths.

    So, I decided to double down on my love (nay, obsession?)
    of organizing and strategizing, and combine them with my strengths behind the camera. 

    I developed the tools, strategies, and processes for getting my clients unique and impactful brand photography. Brand photography that expresses the core mission and vibe of their businesses, attracts the right clients, and simplifies their marketing efforts.

    Visual Content Toolkit
    includes everything you need to take your business to the next level. 

    By creating not just a beautiful brand, but a strategic one, you will market and sell with ease, skillfully reach your ideal customers, and become the confident, creative entrepreneur you are meant to be. 

    Study at your own pace

    CUSTOMIZE based on your learning style

    Follow a proven roadmap

    Grow your support network

    Building a marketing strategy that pays off financially, all while saving your sanity

    Crushing the goals you set out to achieve this year, 3 years ago, or maybe 10 years ago… 

    Attracting your dream clients and doing the work that only you can do

    Creating a brand that builds trust, creates connections, and resonates deeply with your audience 

    Hiring an A-team to help you execute your vision (and save you from doing the things you hate doing)

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    Finding balance, peace, and alignment in creating your dream life and business. 

    If you want this to be the year you finally commit to...

    This is for you if...

    You need to finally make time for creating a marketing strategy that makes selling easier and more fun

    You’re ready to earn more with ease

    You want to create a brand the right way- not just wing it

    It's probably not for you if...

    You’d rather hire this whole thing out and you have the funds to do so. 

    You’re not committed to doing the work. 

    You’re not receptive to being coached, and to learning new ways of growing your business. 

    You have a logo, color scheme, and brand identity, but you're ready to take it to the next level



    Best savings!

    1 payment of $347

    Most flexible!


    One Payment

    Payment Plan

    4 PAYMENTS OF $97

    You’re ready to create a more profitable and impactful business with the help of Visual Content Toolkit if:

    • You just started a business (or are starting one) and feel lost when it comes to creating visual content. You know you need it, but you’re not sure how to do it right. It seems like everyone else is on top of their branding game, and you don’t want to spend years trying to figure it out yourself.
    • You’ve been in business awhile, but your brand and marketing strategy feel stagnant. Some things have worked, and some haven’t. You’re ready to finally settle into a system that works for you, and that lets you spend less time thinking about marketing, and more time reaping rewards.
    • You’re pivoting into a new arena in your business or launching a brand new offer, and you know the world needs what you’re selling- exciting! But, you need images to create and announce your new offer AND sell it like hotcakes.

    VCT was created for any entrepreneur that is ready to kickstart, transform, and up-level their brand and marketing strategy. As a business owner (whether you’re a service provider, content creator, e-commerce queen, or anything in between), you need brand photos that elevate you and what you do, not hold you back.

    Simply put, if you’re a solopreneur or work with a small team, have honed any type of professional skillset, and feel overwhelmed when it comes to creating an effective visual brand, Visual Content Toolkit is for you.

    In VCT, I teach you how your logo, color scheme, typography, and other graphics inform the creation of your brand photos. While it’s not an absolute must, I highly recommend you have these assets before you start VCT or before you get to Module 2 of the course.

    A super helpful resource I provide is a brand identity guide that you can fill out before digging into shoot planning. This visual guide will help you make decisions as you plan and strategize your brand photos.
    Visual Content Toolkit helps you find the sweet spot where you can stick to your budget, but you don’t have to DIY everything. I teach you how to find the best photographer for you, and how to talk in photographers’ language so you ensure your vision comes to life, and that you get every shot you need to market your offers.

    I’m also including a bonus video that will help you create better content (even on your iPhone!) when you need to take your own shots in-between photoshoots.

    As soon as you join Visual Content Toolkit, you can access the entire course and all of its resources inside your course dashboard.
    You’ll get lifetime access to the entire course, including all of the modules, downloadable resources, tools, and templates for one payment of $347, or 4 payments of $97. 


    As a fellow entrepreneur, I understand more than anyone that every dollar invested in your business is an important one. I invite you to consider, “what’s holding me back from doing this program?” and email me your thoughts. I’d love to help you make the best decision for you. 

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