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New Series: Camera Confidence

Jun 27

Girl wearing black Madewell dress with strawberries running fingers through her hair

Camera Confidence (Or Lack Thereof)

I see and hear it ALL the time:

  • Women “jokingly” asking if I can make them look younger and skinnier with Photoshop
  • Women literally running away from the camera at events
  • Women hiding on photoshoots behind props
  • Women not booking photoshoots for themselves because they’re feeling self-conscious


Anytime I encounter this (nearly every time I have a camera in hand), I’ll laugh it off and make a comment like, “you don’t need Photoshop, you look great!” Especially at a time when women are making so many steps forward in society, this widespread insecurity about the camera has been troubling me. Why do we let the camera give us so much anxiety? I think we all need a boost of camera confidence!

I’ve met so many amazing women entrepreneurs in the past few years. So many women in fact, that I’ve built my business around photographing them and their creative work. Many women I’ve worked with know that they need great photos of themselves for their brand but feel totally insecure about the camera. I get it. But what if we were able to let go of our insecurities a little bit? What if we could feel more prepared and even excited about having our photos taken?

Camera confidence: Girl wearing strawberry dress in a park

Preach, Jenna Kutcher!

If you’ve read my post about my favorite business podcasts, you’ll know that Jenna Kutcher is one of my favorite online educators and podcasters (The Goal Digger Podcast is the bomb!). Episode #157 “What’s a Visual Brand and Why Do You Need One?” came out a few weeks ago and quickly became one of my favorite episodes to date. Jenna speaks about how creative business owners can share their stories visually. She argues that creating a human connection through social media is absolutely essential if you want your brand to resonate with people. I totally agree- if you share photos of yourself doing what you love and the things that speak to you and your brand, people will jump on board.

Jenna gives a few ideas of how to share your visual story and this one almost made me cry:

“You can show headshots. Beautiful, clean images of you, your team, your family, whatever you feel comfortable sharing that offers this human connection. If you haven’t had updated headshots my friend, now is the time. You are worthy. You need to stop waiting to lose the next 10 pounds, stop waiting for your face to clear up, stop waiting for your eyebrows to get plucked and just SHOW UP. You are worthy of investing in headshots!”

This is what I’m shouting in my head all of the time when women around me are shying away from the camera and making jokes. The camera does not have to be your enemy. In fact, it’s one of your greatest allies in business. People NEED to see the face behind your business. They’re craving authenticity and they want to see the real you. You are freaking rocking it and you deserve amazing photos of yourself and your work.

My New Series!

Feeling confident in front of the camera IS possible. If you’re doing what you love, you’re going to look great. Of course, there’s so much trust involved in a photoshoot. Choosing a photographer that can guide you through the process and be a creative partner is essential. For this reason, I created this new blog series. I want you to see the entire photoshoot process so you’ll feel confident and prepared!

The series will kick off next week with my #1 concern from clients: how to pose. You’ll be hearing from me over the weeks about planning shoots, finding inspiration, wardrobe choices, lighting, editing and more!

Be sure to check back here every Wednesday for a new part to this series! I’m excited to share it with you all and hopefully leave you with a little more camera confidence!

Many thanks to Kate Thornton for taking these new photos of me!












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  1. Jill Howard says:

    Great blog Abby! Such an important message. xx

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