How I Framed a Vintage Silk Scarf

Jun 18

If you’ve been following me on Instagram lately, you’ll know that I’ve been tackling a framing project! I’ve had a vintage silk scarf sitting around for 5 years and I finally framed it with the help of Artizom in downtown Charleston.

Finding Inspiration in Paris

During my sophomore year of college, I studied abroad for six weeks in Paris. I took a black & white film photography course, which was a dream in Paris (even in January when it was 30 degrees every day!). My class of 20 studied at Speos Photo & Video School, which only had a darkroom large enough for 10 students at one time. My group worked in the morning, so we had the entire afternoon to sight-see and take photos. We spent many an afternoon eating macarons, touring Notre Dame (I think I must’ve gone six separate times!), and speaking in broken French. My friends and I even stole off to photograph street style at various Paris Fashion Week shows.

Exploring the Flea Market

My dear friend Joseph took us to a flea market, the Marché aux Puces de Paris/St.-Ouen. Here’s a New York Times article about the highlights of this flea market with some great photos. It’s absolutely huge and you could spend the entire day browsing the shops. It’s a bit of a journey to get there and you have to make it through vendors outside of the market trying to sell you things, but it’s worth it! If you’ve ever seen Midnight in Paris, this is the flea market where Gil meets Gabrielle.

I stopped into a shop with vintage Chanel and Louis Vuitton in the window and came across a vintage Lanvin scarf folded on a shelf. I toyed with the idea of buying it, but I had a budget in mind for souvenirs. My nervousness about bargaining in French probably kept me from buying, too!

I left the store without purchasing, but luckily Joseph wanted to go back to the flea market the next week. I had been thinking about the scarf still (a sign you should buy something, right!?) and told myself if the shop still had it I would buy. Luckily, they did! I nervously asked the shop owner if she would take a certain price, and upon realizing that I was clearly American, she bargained with me in English. She was actually from Miami, and had set this shop up with her husband to sell these vintage goods she loved to collect. I wish I had noted the name of the shop, but if I ever go back I’ll try to find it again!

How I Framed My Vintage Silk Scarf

I love everything about this scarf. I am obsessed with the colors first and foremost (that blue is my absolute favorite!). The delicate floral pattern mixed with the geometric stripes just feeds my soul. I hung it up in my office above my record player table and every time I look at it I’m so happy! It really is true that surrounding yourself with things you love gives you energy and inspiration!

Framed Vintage Silk Scarf Detail of a Framed Vintage Silk Scarf Framed Vintage Lanvin Silk Scarf Framed Vintage Lanvin Silk Scarf Framed Vintage Lanvin Silk Scarf Framed Vintage Lanvin Silk Scarf

I got inspiration for this project from several of my friends! I noticed artist Sam Sidney’s amazing Florida scarf hanging above her bar cabinet when I photographed her house! The float frame with double glass is so cool, and I planned to do that with mine. Ultimately, I decided against it because I knew the color of the wall would always affect how the scarf looked. David over at Artizom also warned me that it’s hard to keep dust out and get the piece straight, so I went with the textured matte.

Framed silk scarf above a bar cabinet

Interior designer Jill Howard also has a scarf hanging in her home framed by Artizom. We used it as a background in her branding photos!

A lifestyle headshot of an interior designer sitting on a couch

Do you have any unfinished projects you’re itching to get into? I would love to hear about them! It feels so great to have this one finished!

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