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    HI, I'M ABBY

    I'm a branding photographer living in Charleston, South Carolina, a lover of eating strawberries, and my obsession is teaching others how to live a life they love.

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      10 Facts You Might Not Know About Me

      Mar 21

      It’s time to get real! I’m revealing 10 facts you might not know about me, including some gems from my childhood (yes, even the embarrassing photos!). I love nothing more than digging into memories and old photos (see #8 about my favorite hobby!). Are you ready to learn some facts you might not know about me? Let’s get to it!

      Abby Murphy photographer

      1. I’m a Midwestern girl

      I was born and raised in Indiana and loved growing up in the Midwest. My family moved to Atlanta right before I started high school, and I quickly refused to say y’all. Nope, still won’t say it. It’s “you guys.”

      2. I used to do gymnastics (and still do!)

      I did gymnastics on and off my whole life! I was on a competitive team when I was about 8-10 years old, and I eventually quit because I couldn’t handle the 3-hour practices 3 times a week (what 3rd grader could!?). I took classes on and off throughout middle school, and now I take adult classes in Charleston (yes, they exist and they’re amazing!).  

      3. I’m a yogi

      I think because of my love of gymnastics, I naturally fell into yoga. I remember buying a yoga book for tweens at the Scholastic Book Fair in 6th grade. I practiced on my own throughout school and started taking classes when I moved to Charleston. I can’t get enough!

      4. I almost became a graphic designer

      I took photography classes my entire high school career, and I took a couple of graphic design classes at summer camps (one at SCAD and one at UPenn). I arrived at college at Rhode Island School of Design still loving photography but thinking I could get an actual “job” as a graphic designer. I took one photography class during my freshman year, and it was all over. I didn’t even go to the potential graphic design majors meeting.

      5. I’m obsessed with an Instagram dog

      My family had a bichon shih tzu named Joey we got when I was in second grade. He passed away last year at age 18 (yup, you read that right). There is an Instagram-famous dog named Dougie (@dailydougie) that reminds my family so much of Joey, and we are all obsessed. It’s the only account I have post notifications turned on for. Dougie brightens my day every time!

      6. If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be Sofia Coppola

      I took a creative writing class in high school, and one of the areas we focused on was movie reviews. I was ALL ABOUT it. I chose Sofia Coppola as a director I wanted to focus on. I watched and reviewed all of the movies she had out at the time (The Virgin Suicides quickly became one of my favorite movies). She is a photographer as well, and I really connect with her process of establishing a mood for each of her films.

      Image: Jean Baptiste Mondino

      7. My guilty pleasure is playing The Sims

      I have been obsessed with this game since age 9. My best friend had a copy growing up, and we spent HOURS in her computer room making our Sims do ridiculous things. I owned every single game and expansion pack for The Sims 1 and 2. I’ll still play the current versions when I have some free time!

      8. My favorite hobby is scrapbooking

      It must’ve been clear I’d become a photographer when I spent hours creating scrapbooks and photo albums with my disposable camera photos. You can read more about how I make scrapbooks now at this post!

      9. The most unusual item on my desk is a giant panda

      Guys, I had a MAJOR Giant Panda obsession when I was younger (see me holding a panda stuffed animal below at the San Diego Zoo). They were my favorite animal and I did every school project I could about them. I once held a bake sale to save the pandas at my neighborhood pool. YUP. For our first Christmas together, Hunter gave me a tiny giant panda and it’s my favorite item on my desk!

      10. If I had another career, I’d be an interior designer

      I was the kid that re-decorated their room every chance they got. Moving in with Hunter has been SO much fun because we have free reign over the entire house! I am not an expert by any means, but it’s so fun looking for inspiration and making it come to life in our own space. Check out what we’ve done so far here!

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      1. Well number two is obviously my favorite!! Such a fun post, Abby! Loved learning more about you!

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