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Planning a branding photoshoot can feel totally overwhelming. You know you need a photoshoot for your business (sooner than later!), but you might not know where to start. Maybe you’ve already found and hired your branding photographer, but you feel totally lost on picking the right outfits, an on-brand location, and considering what you even want photos of. I get it!

I recently photographed my always-on-brand friend and fellow entrepreneur, Shree Summerlin (see more of our collaborations here and here). Shree is the founder of Aurora Social, a social media management company. This branding photoshoot is a great example of how a bit of planning and styling can make your brand’s vision and message come to life. I wanted to share it with you all and give you a few tips on how to approach any photoshoot for your business! 

1. Do What You Love 

I’m a proponent of sharing photos of yourself and parts of your life on your business’s social media pages. Sharing bits of your world lets viewers get to know the person behind the company, leaving them feeling more connected and trustful of your brand. Shree and I set up a few shots that felt authentic to her everyday life. Her viewers will connect with these photos on a personal level, whether she’s sipping coffee on the couch or hanging out with her Australian Shepherd. 

I also photographed Shree looking oh so official at her desk. If you hate the thought of being in front of the camera, do what you love in your photos and it will feel so easy! Whether you’re an artist that spends most of her time in the studio or a yoga instructor that practices outdoors, your love for what you do will be so apparent! Promise 😉 

2. Details Tell the Story 

Details are the number one way to bring life into a photographic story. Shree recently had personalized stationery designed by Saturday Studio, so we showed off this new brand collateral with a close-up shot. We also made sure to photograph the details on Shree’s perfectly styled desk, all of which are on-brand for Aurora Social. Bonus tip: if you’re having your office or workspace photographed, bring in fresh flowers to add some life into the photos! 

3. Color Palette is Key 

Shree’s entire office is styled to perfection with a color palette of blush, white, and gold in mind. Everything from the gold frames on her gallery wall to her pink velvet chair scream Aurora Social. Shree also picked out several wardrobe options that closely aligned with her color story, giving her entire photo session a consistent feel.

If you’re planning a photoshoot for your business, don’t forget to show off your true beautiful self, tell your story with details, and plan your color palette. And if you need a little extra surge of inspiration, I’m here to help! 

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