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      3 Tips for Professional Portraits

      Jul 13

      Photographing women entrepreneurs is my jam. I have the best time taking portraits of my fellow rock star entrepreneurs in Charleston. As a business owner (and especially as a photographer!) I know how important it is to have a great photo of yourself that not only represents the real you, but also your brand. When customers know what you look like, they make an immediate personal connection that will turn them into clients.

      Three boss ladies that understand this are my great friends Hilary Johnson, founder of Hatch Tribe, Lauren Gicas, founder of Coalesce Events, and Shree Summerlin, founder of Aurora Social Co. Hilary hired me to take portraits for the cover of her book (a wonderful read for any entrepreneur!) and Lauren needed a fresh set of portraits for her website and social media. I’ve worked with Shree several times to capture her brand (check out my 3 tips for an on-brand photoshoot featuring Shree)!

      If it’s been years since you were in front of a professional camera (not your iPhone!) or you’re in need of a head shot refresh, I’m giving you some examples of ladies that rocked their portrait shoots with me.

      1. Choose Your Location Wisely

      When you’re planning your portrait refresh, think about where you do your best work for your customers. If you do incredible consultations behind a stylish desk, then that’s where your portraits need to be! If you’re at the farmers’ market selling goods every Saturday, consider having your portraits taken there. It’s all about showing off you doing your best work, and where you are the happiest and most helpful to your customers.

      Lauren and I toyed with the idea of taking photos in her office, but it made more sense for her to be out and about in her element. When Lauren is truly doing what she loves, she’s working at all of the great event venues in Charleston, not stuck in her office! We decided to take photos in the French Quarter, which allowed us several options for backdrops. It also feels quintessentially Charleston!

      Shree’s office screams Aurora Social, so it was a no-brainer to shoot in her office.

      1. Outfit Options are a Must 

      Having two outfit options on hand is the best way to get the most variety out of your portrait shoot. Hilary was the queen of outfit changes! She thought about the color scheme of Hatch Tribe’s branding and chose her clothing accordingly. She also kept the patterns simple, so nothing was distracting from the focus of the photos.

      Lauren wore a versatile outfit that was a little more formal with a blazer, but she could take it off for a more casual look. She also brought a few accessories to make her outfit pop.

      1. Take Advantage of the Light

      Everyone loves a good filter right?! If your shoot is outdoors, schedule your portrait shoot in the morning or evening to give you that glowy, natural look that we’re always seeking in our Instagram posts. The time just after sunrise and before sunset eliminates harsh shadows. You may have to get up a little earlier or stay out after dinner, but I promise you it’s worth it! That golden hour glow is no joke, you guys!

      Consider your location, outfits, and shoot time when scheduling your next professional portrait shoot, and you’ll be on your way to converting more followers into clients!

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