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When you think of your business’s marketing plan, what comes to mind? Crafting the perfect social media schedule? Sharing a weekly blog post? Planning promotions throughout the year? Here’s my hot take on your marketing plan: it won’t work without brand photography. My guess is that if brand photography is on your list (go you!), it’s not the top priority. While every marketing plan does need solid email marketing, social media, and promotional strategies, consider that none of these marketing outlets work without brand photography.

In this post, I’m sharing the 5 reasons your business needs brand photography and why it deserves a spot in your marketing plan. If you start making brand photography an essential part of your overall strategy, your engagement, customer base, and revenue will soar. Ready to learn the 5 reasons your business needs brand photography? Let’s get to it!

1. Brand photos do the talking

Here’s a fun fact for you. We process images 60,000 times faster than text. Did you take that in? 60,000 times faster! Thanks 3M (maker of the ever-useful Post-It Note) for this mind-blowing nugget of info. This research goes to show that strong, on-brand images are a must in your marketing plan. Everything from your website, emails, blog posts, social media posts, and business cards needs imagery to effectively and efficiently connect with potential customers.

With strategic brand images, you won’t have to do so much explaining. Aren’t you tired of writing paragraphs-long Instagram captions!? I know I am! One of the main bits of advice my photography teachers taught me in college was, “show, don’t tell.” They encouraged me to find unique ways to let images stand on their own. We can show, not tell in brand photography through emotion, props, color, action, and environment. Allow your brand photos to speak for you, and your marketing efforts will become 10x easier. You can thank me later!

2. Brand photoshoots help you craft brand stories

Think of brand photos like the story-telling superhero of your marketing plan. When I work with clients, our brand shoots are not only photoshoots but also brand strategy sessions. Before every shoot, I ask questions to learn about my client’s business and goals. Here are a few examples:

  • What is your business’s origin story? How and why did you start your business?
  • What makes you unique in your industry?
  • What are your brand colors?
  • How do you want your potential customers to feel when they interact with your brand?

If you haven’t taken the time to dig into some of these questions (or you could use a refresher), a brand shoot is a great time to do so. Your answers to these questions help form the overall vibe and goals of the shoot and inform your entire marketing plan, not just the photos.

Your brand photos can work for you double-time with strategic story-telling. For example, your brand photos could tell the story of your creation process, from start to finish. When you post on social media, you’ll automatically have images that were strategically created to help you tell these stories to your following. Never stare blankly trying to formulate a caption out of thin air again.

3. You’ll stay a step ahead of competitors

Another reason brand photography is key in your marketing strategy is that it allows you to stand out in your industry. No one has the same brand story, goals, and skillset that you do. Because brand photography is custom, much like your logo and brand colors, no one else will have the same images as you. Furthermore, if you hire a great brand photographer with an eye for marketing strategy, your images will avoid cliche, overdone territory. Your brand photographer will help you express your unique selling points.

4. Images convey emotion & connect on a personal level

People want to buy from a human being that they know, like, and trust. That means your customers recognize your brand through consistency, consuming your stories, and learning from you (the expert!). When potential customers can see the face behind the business, it allows them to connect to your brand on a deeper level. Think about your favorite people to follow on Instagram. Chances are, their posts give you a sense of what their life looks like behind the scenes. Your followers want to know more about you and your life. That doesn’t mean you need to spill personal secrets to the entire Internet. But it does mean that sharing your face with your followers is a solid marketing strategy.

5. Brand photography raises the value of your products and services

It’s this simple: if you want your products, services, and brand to be perceived as legit and professional, hire a professional brand photographer. It’s the only way to save yourself the frustration, time, and missteps of trying to do your brand photography yourself. High-end images = high-end clients and customers.

Most people can’t achieve the level of professionalism they’d like with their brand photography on their own. Yes, we all have incredible cameras in our pockets these days, but professional photographers have the equipment that will get you the polished, elevated touch that you’re looking for. There are parts of marketing that you may be able to do yourself in the early stages of your business. For me, I still choose to do my own copywriting, weekly newsletters, and social media posting. But when I first started my business, I almost immediately outsourced my brand logo, colors, and website design because I wanted them to be on point right off the bat (and they were not my strong suits). 

So, in order to show your customers that you’re an expert with valuable products and services, hire out your brand photography and watch your marketing efforts soar.

There you have it, the 5 reasons your business needs brand photography. If you’re like, “alright, Abby, I get it. I need brand photography!” but you’re not sure where to start, I’ve got you. Head to my post 4 Essential Traits to Look for in a Branding Photographer. If you’re interested in booking a brand shoot with me (I’m delighted!), head here!

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