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5 Ways Event Photography Will Earn You More Business

Mar 7

Why I Love Photographing Events

Photographing events is always so much fun. I love being a fly on the wall (or sometimes joining in!) and capturing all of the best moments of an event. I’ve shot everything from Charleston Fashion Week, beauty events with Trish McEvoy and RMS Beauty, Hatch Tribe events, and seasonal events on Kiawah Island. The list goes on! After shooting many events over the years, I’ve realized that event photography is essential to successful businesses. Read on to learn why and how you can use event photography in your own business!

Why is Event Photography Important for your Business?

If you have an event for your business coming up, I’d highly recommend hiring a photographer (like me!) to capture the event. Event photographs are an incredibly useful marketing tool. After an event, you could come away with 100+ photos that show off what an incredible event you just pulled off- and how much fun your guests had! Think about it: If you don’t have party pics, did it even really happen? If you hire an event photographer, you’ll have a collection of great photos to use on social media, your website, and in marketing materials. You’re already showing off what your business and brand is all about on social media, so why not show off your latest event? People love a look behind the scenes, and event photography does just that!

Event photography also gives your guests a reason to remember what a blast they had interacting with your business. Sharing photos after the event is like handing out a business card. Think of event photos as a party favor that brings your potential clients back time and time again!

Wanting a few ideas of how to use your event photos? Read on for 5 ways to use event photography to market your business!

5 Ways to Use Event Photography to Market your Business

1. Recap the event on your blog

You’re probably already blogging for your business, so why not create a post recapping your event? Your guests will enjoy re-living it, and everyone who didn’t come will see what they missed out on!

2. Highlight the event on your website and future event marketing materials

Whenever I’m considering buying a ticket to an event, I love to check out photos from previous events. It’s always nice to get a feel for the venue and overall vibe of the event before I drop money on a ticket. If your event photos show how incredible your event was, people won’t hesitate to hit purchase.

3. Share the images on social media and tag your guests

Everyone loves a great, professional photo of themselves! Post a gallery of your event photos on Facebook and Instagram and tag as many guests as you can! You’ll remind your guests what an awesome time they had and re-connect with everyone online. Bonus: Ask people to comment what their favorite part of the event was!

4. Add a few photos to your email newsletter after the event

You probably got some new people to join your email list after your event, so why not send them an email to thank them for signing up? Add a few photos from the event and you’re golden!


5. Send the gallery to your guests so they can download and share them as well

I send my event photography clients a photo gallery for downloading and sharing. The more the merrier! Send this gallery to your guests and allow them to download and share the photos as well. Ask them to tag your business in the photos, and you’ve got yourself some free marketing!

Next time you’re planning an event for your business, don’t forget to hire a photographer! If I can help, head to my events page for more info and contact me!











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  1. These pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing this post.

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