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    I'm a branding photographer living in Charleston, South Carolina, a lover of eating strawberries, and my obsession is teaching others how to live a life they love.

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      Announcing Visual Content Toolkit: Brand Photography Course for Entrepreneurs

      Feb 2

      Today is the MOST exciting day: I’m launching my new brand photography course for entrepreneurs, Visual Content Toolkit! I’ve been teasing this course for a few months as I’ve been creating it, and I’m thrilled to finally give you all of the juicy info! In this post, I’m covering why I created this online course, how your life will change if you enroll, and a full outline of what you’ll learn. I can’t contain myself any longer- let’s dig into the details!

      Why I created the course

      My business exists because entrepreneurs like you need help creating not just beautiful brand photos, but effective ones. You need to present yourself and your work in a strategic way in order to increase your revenue and grow the business of your dreams. It’s not enough anymore to carefully curate a cohesive Instagram feed and wait until the clients roll in. I want you to discover confidence as the strategic marketer and creative thinker of your business.

      Sound a little out of reach? I know exactly how you’re feeling! This is why I created Visual Content Toolkit. Through my 1-1 brand photography work with clients, I’ve seen every frustration, struggle, and insecurity under the sun when it comes to creating brand photos.

      Through my unique mix of creativity and love of organization and planning, I developed a system for brand shoots that gets my clients elevated results, every time. I cracked the code for creating brand photos that do the heavy lifting of marketing for you.

      The brand photos I deliver to my clients aren’t just pretty. Immediately after a shoot with me, my clients have:

      • The exact photos they need to sell their offers with ease
      • A boost in confidence. Many of them say, “I never thought I could look that amazing on camera!”
      • A release in stress because they no longer have to fret over what to post
      • The tools, strategies, and confidence to create consistent, on-brand content in the future

      And the long-term benefits?

      • They attract their dream clients and customers (aka make more money!)
      • They reach goals they set out to achieve years ago
      • They find peace in asking for help
      • They ditch the imposter syndrome and fear of competition

      With these incredible results, I knew I had to teach my process to more than just my local clients in Charleston, South Carolina. Business owners all over the globe need this information for their businesses to thrive!

      My solution: Visual Content Toolkit, an online course teaching you my exact step-by-step system for creating wildly effective brand photos and an easy-to-implement visual marketing strategy. And you can get it at a fraction of the cost of custom brand photography + creative direction.

      My goal for you

      If you’ve ever struggled with:

      • Not knowing where to start when it comes to using brand photography in your business or booking a brand photographer
      • Feeling frustrated because you know that you need next-level brand photos, but your budget isn’t having it
      • Knowing what photos you even need, or how to use them in your marketing strategy
      • Not feeling creative and coming up with ideas for photos and social media posts
      • Maintaining the energy required to create and post content constantly
      • Making your photos consistent with your brand
      • Body and appearance insecurity and feeling awkward on camera
      • Figuring out how to translate what you do and what you sell in photos
      • Feeling like you look like everyone else online, and aren’t standing out among the competition
      • Getting enough variation in your photos so they last longer than a month of content
      • Feeling overwhelmed by planning and coordinating photoshoots
      • Getting burned by a photographer who didn’t understand your vision

      This course was made for you. I’ve addressed literally every frustration on this list and more that I’ve heard directly from clients and my audience (for real- check out the course outline in the next section!).

      You will finish the course with a complete plan to nail your first strategy-minded brand shoot, along with an effective, repeatable marketing strategy. I’m giving you the tools, encouragement, and accountability to build your best brand. And I’m SO EXCITED for you to get started!

      Visual Content Toolkit

      Are you ready to see the complete outline of what you’ll get in VCT? Eeee!

      The course consists of 3 main modules, with 3 lessons inside each module. Each lesson includes bonus tools (like a spreadsheet or Canva template) to help you implement the lessons. P.S. I use these exact tools in my work with 1-1 clients! You’ll also get a workbook to help you follow along with each lesson and take notes.

      For a thorough explanation of what you’ll learn in each lesson, head here! And keep scrolling for a run-down of all the tools and bonuses you get within each module (it’s an epic list).

      Tools & Bonuses

      • Fill-in-the-blank brand guide to help you make decisions and ensure everything is cohesive along the way.
      • Image checklist to make sure you have every piece of content you need to sell your offers and reach your goals and don’t miss a thing.
      • Super fun mood-boarding exercise to help you bring your vision to life and reignite your creativity.
      • Guidance for determining the brand stories that will resonate most with your customers, and a worksheet to translate your stories into shot ideas.
      • List of potential team members and tips on how to choose the ones YOU need to hire based on your values and budget. PLUS: a research tracker to help you keep track of who’s who.
      • 100+ prop ideas list PDF to help you style your shoot to perfection.
      • Posing guide with 25+ flattering poses (my MOST-REQUESTED resource!).
      • Shoot budget planner to help you forecast and plan your expenses.
      • Upbeat, Beyonce-filled Spotify playlist to play on shoot day and to get you PUMPED UP and feeling incredible in front of the camera.
      • Shoot preparation checklist so you don’t forget anything and show up feeling ready to rock your shoot.
      • Canva shoot planner template: the mothership of shoot planning and your home base. Use this again and again for future shoots! (This exact doc is what I use to plan every client shoot).
      • Fillable marketing strategy templates to help you use your shiny new photos and get results.
      • My best tips for taking better photos when you want to create content yourself.



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