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      Brand Photoshoot Shot List: Your 7 Must-Have Photos

      Jul 27

      Planning a brand shoot for your business soon? You won’t want to be without my free guide, the Brand Photoshoot Shot List: Your 7 Must-Have Photos!

      Here’s a little sneak peek from the intro for you. Read through, soak in all the goodness you’re about to learn, and snag your guide at the bottom of the post!

      Laptop with Abby Murphy's Brand Photoshoot Shot List guide sitting on a neutral tabletop with a white bowl, palm leaf in a planter, and mirror styled around it

      Brand Photoshoot Shot List: Your 7 Must-Have Photos

      No matter what type of business you own, you need brand photography to sell your products and services. But, as I’ve seen firsthand with my own clients, executing a brand shoot is not an easy feat. There’s not only the creative aspect of how you want your photos to look but also the logistics.

      If you’re feeling overwhelmed by booking a brand shoot right now, I’m here to tell you that you can do this! 

      I will help you with a considerable part of the shoot planning process, your brand photoshoot shot list. In this guide, you’ll learn the 7 types of photos that will make your brand shoot (and your subsequent marketing efforts) successful. These shots are my must-haves for every single brand shoot, no matter what kind of business owner I’m working with.

      Within this guide, you’ll learn the 7 shots, why you need them, and how to utilize them. Plus, I’ve included tons of example shots from my own clients to get your creative juices flowing. You’ll wonder why you were so stressed about this whole brand shoot business in the first place. Let’s jump right in!

      Download your free Shot List

      Download Your Free Brand Photoshoot Shot List!

      Download this guide to unlock the 7 must-have shots for your next brand shoot!

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        Check out my post The 5 Brand Photos You Need on Your Website to take your shot list to the next level. This post will help you plan the orientation of your photos, ensuring you don’t miss anything when it comes time to add them to your website!

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