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I’m so excited to share one of my favorite portrait and branding photoshoots of the year with you! My friend Sarah and I worked on photos for her brand-new lifestyle wellness business, Sarah Starling. Sarah is a certified health coach focusing on all things mind, body, and spirit. Her main mission is to be a concierge of wellness- don’t you love that!? She interviews incredible women entrepreneurs in the health & wellness sector over on her blog, most recently lifestyle coach Ash Cebulka and a founder of Branch Basics.

Sarah and I had SO much fun on this shoot exploring downtown and talking about our experiences as entrepreneurs. She did such a great job matching her wardrobe to her brand colors, and we had the best time finding backgrounds that felt like her and her business. Sarah also brought along her crystals, which I loved incorporating into the photos! Make sure to scroll to the bottom to see how Sarah is using her new photos on her website & social media!


Branding Photos with Wellness Concierge Sarah Starling

Woman entrepreneur standing against ivy wall smiling and laughing Woman entrepreneur walking along the curb of a brick and ivy wall Headshot of a woman entrepreneur against an ivy wall Woman in jeans and a green shirt standing against a white wall with two large windows Headshot of a woman in a green shirt Woman entrepreneur headshot Woman in blue silk top in downtown Charleston, South Carolina Portrait of a woman entrepreneur sitting on a brick wall Woman standing in front of a brick wall covered in ivy with an iron gate Woman entrepreneur working on her laptop Detail photo of a woman's bracelets while she types on her laptop Woman holding a crystal shaped like a heart

How Sarah is Using Her Branding Photos

Screenshot of Sarah Starling's website Screenshot of Sarah Starling's Instagram page Screenshot of Sarah Starling's Instagram page

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