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Branding Photos with Women Entrepreneurs Group Hatch Tribe

Jan 23

Soon after I moved to Charleston, I discovered Hatch Tribe, a supportive group for women entrepreneurs. Hatch Tribe’s founder Hilary Johnson connected me with a fellow woman entrepreneur that needed product photography (I’m looking at you, Stephanie Rose!). After this first connection, I realized the power in Hatch Tribe’s mission, to connect and support women entrepreneurs. Hatch Tribe has an incredible network of entrepreneurs in Charleston that are looking to help one another not just exchange business cards. We stretch what’s possible in our own lives and for other women when we support each other.

Over the past two years, I’ve attended nearly every Hatch Tribe event (photographed a few, too!), participated in Hilary’s Goal Crushers program, and made countless connections and friendships. Hatch Tribe is truly a special part of my life and business, and I don’t know where I’d be without it! When Hilary asked me to take branding photos for Hatch Tribe, I was honored! I also recently featured this shoot in my post Why Your Business Needs Custom Photography– super important read!).

Planning Hilary’s Shoot

Hilary was using mostly stock photography for her website and social media, and wanted something more custom. Hilary booked my Everyone’s Favorite package, which allowed us time to split the shoot into two parts. First, we focused on portraits of Hilary. When she’s not hosting events around Charleston, Hilary works at Local Works, a co-working space on the upper peninsula. Luckily, Local Works’ decor matches the vibe of Hatch Tribe, so we decided it would be the perfect location for photos. Hilary loves being outdoors, and the ivy on the sides of the building proved to be one of our best backdrops!

Hilary invited a few fellow Hatch Tribe members to act as models in our shoot. I loved having real women entrepreneurs on set! Everyone got their laptops out for a mini photoshoot work session. None of us could contain our smiles and laughs! It felt real, which is what Hatch Tribe is all about!

How Hilary is Using Her New Photos

Hilary recently updated Hatch Tribe’s website and social media with her new photos! She also just launched a membership site called Members Circle, and it’s mind-blowingly awesome! Let us know what you think!

Women Entrepreneurs Website

Women Entrepreneurs WebsiteWomen Entrepreneurs Website


Women Entrepreneurs Website

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