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I am so in tune with my camera gear that I forget other people are probably curious about what’s in my camera bag! It’s always funny when I overhear someone say, “look at all of those cameras she has on her body!” or “she looks like a professional!” I thought I’d share a peek at what’s in my camera bag and demystify my photographer’s look!

A collection of camera gear on a white background

What’s in My Camera Bag

Camera Bodies

Sony a7R III & Sony a7R – I LOVE my Sony mirrorless cameras! If you missed my post about the new Sony a7R III camera that I purchased at the end of 2017, read it here. I talk all about why I chose Sony over Canon and Nikon, and why I am in love with this camera. I also still carry my Sony a7R everywhere as a backup. It may be a little slower than my a7R III, but it still takes gorgeous images.


Sony FE 55mm f/1.8 Zeiss lens  This is my absolute favorite go-to lens. A 50-55mm lens is the closest focal length to what our eyes see, so you get the least amount of distortion. This is a classic lens, and it serves me so well! If you’re a first-time camera buyer wondering what lens to start with, definitely do a 50mm!

Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro lens My 90mm lens is my go-to for portraits and tight detail shots. It’s incredibly sharp, and the blurred background is so yummy.

On most shoots you’ll find me carrying my a7R III with the 55mm lens, and my a7R with the 90mm lens. If I have time to switch lenses, I’ll always put the lens I want to shoot with on my a7R III.

Sony FE 35mm f/2.8 Zeiss lens If I need any wide shots of a scene, I’ll use my 35mm. I prefer longer lenses for portraits, so this one always comes out for environmental and scene-setting shots.

Sony FE 24-70mm f/4 Zeiss lens I primarily use my prime lenses, but I keep this one around in case I need the wider 24mm focal length or don’t want to keep switching lenses on a shoot. This one always comes in handy for interiors!


The actual bag itself (similar) My friend Hilary gifted me this camera bag that I’ve been using for the past year! It’s the perfect size right now for this gear. It’s a cross-body strap which is super convenient when I need to sling it around and grab something, but I feel like it’s also killing my back. So I’ll keep you updated if I get a new bag in the near future!

Camera strap I just pre-ordered this case from nelisgood on Etsy. I have the same case for the a7R, and I am still in love with it. I has housed my camera since 2013, and I constantly get compliments on it.

Sony Memory Cards & Pelican case I have a few different memory cards, but my favorites are the Sony 16GB or 32 GB cards. I also love this Pelican case for safely carrying these tiny cards around!

Sony HVLF32M External Flash This flash is always on my camera during events so I can shoot in low-light situations.

Batteries & Chargers Batteries are the lifeblood of any camera kit! I have multiple batteries for my camera bodies and always charge them as soon as I’m back from a shoot. I also keep a bag of AA batteries for my flash at all times. They run out quickly when shooting events so I always have backups.

Tripod Right now I’m using this Manfrotto BeFree tripod because it’s light and folds up so small! I’d like to get a second heavier-duty tripod soon, too!

Lens Cloth My lenses and camera bodies get dirty easily so a lens cloth is essential.

Bonus Items

Pens I always have a pen or two in my camera bag in case I need to keep track of my shot list, write down an idea, or if someone else needs a pen!

Lip Balm I always feel more polished while shooting if I have a bit of color on my lips! Just a little confidence boost!

Granola bar I inevitably get hungry after a couple of hours of shooting, so I always have a granola bar in my bag. I also try to bring an apple or banana because they’re easy to eat on the go! I am always hungry so having snacks on hand is a lifesaver.

Business cards I get my business cards printed from Rhode Island-based company Moo. I choose 5 or 6 photos to put on the front and order a mix! People always think they’re so fun, and you never know who will inquire about your services while you’re doing your thing!


I’m going to do another post soon about my lighting equipment, because that’s a whole other story! Stay tuned!




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