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    I'm a branding photographer living in Charleston, South Carolina, a lover of eating strawberries, and my obsession is teaching others how to live a life they love.

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      3 Ways to Celebrate Your Wins & My 2018 Recap

      Dec 3

      So often in life & business, we focus on our failures, setbacks, and disappointments before we’ll ever celebrate our wins. In all honesty, I struggled with this a lot this year! As a perfectionist, I often focus on what didn’t get done rather than my accomplishments. I have been making an effort to put self-compassion at the forefront lately, but it requires lots of mindfulness and patience!

      If you want to celebrate your wins more often try these 3 tips that have been working for me so far!

      1. Write 1 win at the end of each day in your planner. No matter how small, write it down! This makes me feel accomplished and excited at the end of the day. I also like sharing this win with my boyfriend because it’s fun to share my success with someone who’s excited for me!
      2. Focus on what you’re grateful for by writing or reciting 3 things you’re grateful each day. Self-compassion and gratitude go hand-in-hand. When I take time to acknowledge what I’m grateful for in my day, my outlook on life is so much happier and productive!
      3. Set yourself up to win! Establish tiny habits throughout your day that make you feel like you’re winning. For me this looks like doing meditation every day on Headspace (even if it’s only 3 minutes!) or eating one healthy meal even if I’m crazy busy. This can feel super hard sometimes when we feel like nothing is going our way, but a little goes a long way.

      It’s so important to take time to acknowledge and celebrate your wins. As part of my new practice of self-compassion, I made a list of my big wins this year. The process of thinking back to these events this year filled me with so much joy. And the best part is, they totally overshadow every little thing that I think I failed at. Try making a top 10 list yourself and feel the joy and gratitude fill you up!

      My 2018 Wins!

      Working with 30+ Women Entrepreneurs

      This has to be my favorite thing about this year! Nothing makes me happier than working with fellow women entrepreneurs. It amazes me to see how many women in Charleston are building their businesses and killing it. I love being a part of their journeys and helping make their dreams come alive. 

      Moving in with Hunter

      This one was probably the biggest & most exciting life change of the year! Hunter and I moved into our house on James Island in February, and we’ve been settling in & doing house projects ever since! Head here to see the progress we’ve made so far! (Plus our recent couples shoot!)

      Going Full Time in my Business

      Ever since I moved to Charleston after graduating RISD (going on 4 years!), I’ve been building my business. At one time I had five part-time jobs between working at Madewell and assisting other photographers. I was lucky enough to support my growing business by working in the industry and learning. In June I reached the ultimate goal- investing in my business full time! 

      Launching the Print Shop

      I still can’t believe I launched my Print Shop this year! I always loved the film photographs I took in Charleston & Sullivan’s Island and my dear friend Julie encouraged me to open a shop to share them! I’m so excited they are available for you all to bring into your homes! 

      Family & Friends Time

      This year was a pretty epic year for family & friends. My sister had a September wedding in Chicago, and one of my best friends Olivia got married in St. Simons, Georgia in October. I photographed our friends Sam and David’s wedding in Charlotte. I also just traveled to Nashville over Thanksgiving to celebrate my grandpa’s 90th birthday!

      Traveling to Turks & Caicos for Two Shoots

      How cool is it that I got to travel to Turks & Caicos for work!? My friends Shree & Phil took me along on their 1 year wedding anniversary trip to shoot their portraits. I also shot some on-location beach photos for ZAGS, a Charleston-based company that sells SPF sunwraps & shirts. Head here to see a roundup of my trip!

      Shooting Charleston Fashion Week

      Charleston Fashion Week is one of my favorite events of the year! This year, I loved shooting everything from in-store events to street style to the backstage action. Head here to see my recap of this year’s event! 

      Dinner at The Harbinger

      Every month, I get together with a group of creative Charleston gals for a dinner! In August, we celebrated the 1-year anniversary of our tradition by having our dinner at The Harbinger Cafe & Bakery (my favorite cafe in Charleston)! The night was filled with great conversation  and laughs over a delicious, healthy meal. Well, besides the DELICIOUS vanilla strawberry cake!

      Shooting for Cos Bar

      I love shooting anything fashion & beauty related, so when Cos Bar asked me to shoot two events and interiors for the Charleston store, I was beyond thrilled! Head here to see the Cos Bar x Tata Harper event I shot at La Farfalle! Legendary!

      Working with Coaches

      I’ve worked with two lifestyle & health coaches this year, my amazing friends Stephanie and Chelsea! They have helped me make some major lifestyle changes that have been lifting me up and supporting me in this crazy entrepreneurial journey! Head here to read some of the changes I’ve made this year! 

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