4 Inexpensive Ways to Update Your Front Door


May 13, 2020

When my fiancé Hunter and I moved into our 1965 ranch, we knew we wanted to update the outdated front door eventually. After a quick Internet search, we realized how expensive a new front door would be. Instead of completely replacing our front door with an expensive option, we did a little painting, updated hardware, and added some fun details to our porch. If this sounds like something your front door could use, here are a few inexpensive ways to update your front door on a budget, boost your home’s curb appeal, and have some fun in the process!

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Woman in Madewell clothing standing by her brightly colored front door
A bright coral front door with two planters filled with palms

1. Paint Your Front Door a Fun Color

When you have an outdated, boring door, cue the brightly colored paint! Hunter and I chose Sherwin Williams Ravishing Coral to update our front door with. Ravishing Coral is an orange-pink that pops so well against our white brick. We also painted the interior of the door so our living room also now has a fun splash of color.

If you want to update your front door with a fun paint color, start by searching for inspiration. Consider what colors will go well with your existing house color and buy a few exterior paint samples from your local paint store. You only need a few other supplies: a small paint roller, a medium brush, painter’s tape, and a sheet to cover your floor. If you can easily take the hardware on and off, you can keep the front door on its hinges to avoid handling and re-hanging it (front doors are heavy!).

A brown wood front door in the process of being painted coral pink
How to update your front door: A brightly colored front door with a West Elm door mat and two palms in galvanized planters
Woman coming out of her front door and smiling

2. Update Your Front Door Hardware

To give your front door a consistent look with the rest of your house, choose hardware that has the same finish as your indoor handles and drawer pulls. The hardware throughout our house is matte black, so Hunter and I chose our exterior hardware accordingly. We installed a number pad entry lock and handle for ease of entry and the matching door handle. We also chose a matte black handle for our storm door (which looked like it was straight out of the 60s!). Updating your front door hardware is an inexpensive way to tie your entryway into your entire home.  

Man installing a Pella storm door handle
A Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt and door handle on a coral front door

3. Inexpensive Ways to Add Some Life to Your Front Door

Another easy and inexpensive way to update your front door is to add plants on either side of the entryway. I chose galvanized planters and filled them with palms from Lowe’s (my exact planters are out of stock, but I love these too). Palms are low maintenance plants in South Carolina and add a fun coastal vibe to our front door. Consider adding plants around your door to frame it and make it all the more welcoming!

A galvanized metal planter with a Majesty palm
Woman sitting on the steps of her house with a coral colored front door

4. Add Fun Details to Personalize Your Entryway

Your front door is a peek into your personality before anyone walks in the door. Fun door mats are a great option. I love these and these. Hunter and I went for a simple “S” monogram for our last name. We haven’t updated our doorbell yet, but I love this one!

Hunter’s mom made us these adorable painted garden rocks that I placed in our planters. I have a lifelong obsession with pandas, so when I saw this little panda at the garden store, I knew I had to add it to our porch too! Details like these add a fun little surprise for your guests or the UPS driver.

Two painted garden rocks that look like ladybugs in a galvanized metal planter

Update Your Front Door

I hope you’re inspired to update your front door after reading these tips! If you need a quick place to start, check out some of the products Hunter and I used to update our door and porch. I would love to see your results! Post them in the comments or email me at abbymurphyphoto@gmail.com!

Shop My Favorites

  1. This keypad lock makes for ease of entry and security
  2. Grab a door handle that matches your door lock
  3. I am in love with this star-shaped doorbell
  4. Large galvanized planters great for framing your front door
  5. Slightly smaller galvanized planters
  6. We love these palm plants for a fun coastal vibe. Also find them at your local Lowe’s or nursery.
  7. Compliment your guests with this fun doormat
  8. Greet and say goodbye to guests in one doormat
  9. Sherwin Williams Ravishing Coral paint
Woman sititng on the steps of her house with a coral front door behind her


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    Could you be any cuter!? In the midst of doing this now!! Appreciate the tips lots!!!

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