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      How to Use Lifestyle Product Photography to Grow Your Business

      Dec 19

      Do you own a product-based business? As someone that just opened a product shop with the Print Shop (totally new for me!), I know how important it is to show products in their best light. I’ve learned through working with clients and on my shop that showcasing products on a white background isn’t enough these days. The key to selling products is to allow people to envision how your product will impact their lives. Read on to learn why lifestyle product photography will transform your product-based business!

      Brightly colored sunwrap draped over a blue gate with a turtle cut out

      Endless Story Telling Content

      Lifestyle product photos mean content that tells a story. Styled shots allow you to tell the story of your brand and products more than a product against a white background. Work with a photographer that understands your products and business and can create content around your products. I worked with several companies like The New Primal, ZAGS, and Eucalyptus to do just that.

      On a shoot for The New Primal for example, we worked with a family to show them eating and enjoying their all-natural jerky. The photos have an authentic, fun vibe, and any family looking at The New Primal’s Instagram can imagine themselves in this situation.

      For ZAGS, we’ve shot all over Charleston (and even Turks & Caicos!) to show off the many ways to use their products. ZAGS sells versatile sun wraps, dresses, and shirts that take you from the boat to a party, so we show that off through different environments & props during our shoots.

      ZAGS sunwrap on the beach in Turks & Caicos

      Eucalyptus is a wellness store that sells natural supplements, essential oils, and food products at their juice bar. Every time I’m in their store, it’s brimming with customers! People love the locally-owned, fresh vibe which we showed off in their store and product shots.

      Hands holding an acai bowl
      Array of hemp CBD products

      If you focus on storytelling rather than sales, your audience will be eager to learn more and eventually purchase!

      Gain Your Audience’s Trust

      You don’t just want customers, you want FANS! Your audience has to know, like, and trust you before they’ll even consider purchasing from you. To encourage your audience to know and like you, you have to put yourself and your team at the forefront of your business. Put a portrait of yourself using your products. Tell stories about why you created them and what impact you hope to have.

      For my print shop, I styled my frames in my own home and photographed myself hanging out in the space. People can see how I use them, why I love them, and what it feels like to own them.

      Abby Murphy Photo Print Shop

      You can also use lifestyle product photos to share reviews and stories of how your customers are using the products. Everyone loves to buy a product when they’ve read through positive reviews, so they’ll be much more likely to trust that your product is excellent. Show off what it feels like to own one of your products, and your audience will easily imagine themselves as part of your brand.

      Want More?

      Read my post here about why your business needs custom photography and you’ll be well on your way to building an epic visual brand!

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