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Modern Headshot Essentials

Oct 18

If you have any type of online presence (which most of us do!), a modern headshot is essential in connecting with a potential employer or your ideal audience. Oftentimes the word “headshot” brings up visions of cheesy stock images (women laughing alone with salads, anyone?). Luckily it doesn’t have to be this way! Keep reading for a few modern headshot essentials that will showcase you at your best.

portrait of woman on ivy

Jordan reached out to me at the end of the summer before she went back to school at University of Michigan. She spent the summer interning with KLH Group, an event management firm in Charleston aiming to create events with meaning. My friend Hope Caldwell owns KLH, and I was so glad she sent Jordan to me!

Keep it Simple

As someone just entering the professional world, Jordan wanted professional headshots to show off to potential employers. She knew she wanted to keep the setting simple, which is a solid place to start. A great headshot shows off you and your personality, not the world around you. I love utilizing Charleston’s historic streets as backgrounds, but Jordan and I kept it simple. We used only ivy and white walls, a choice that made her stand out rather than the environment.

headshot of woman on white outdoor portrait of woman on white

Pack a Punch

Just because you’re keeping it simple doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with your headshots! Jordan arrived with a killer silk kimono that added so much vibrancy to the shoot! Don’t you love it?! She started with pink and black tops that could be worn alone or with the kimono. This simple accessory showed off her personality perfectly and will definitely catch employers’  (or potential clients’ ) eyes! Jordan went a step further and added matching blue tassel earrings. Don’t be afraid to bring your favorite accessories along and try them out! If you feel great in them, it will show.

colorful portrait of woman on white colorful headshot of woman

Have Fun with It

Remember, you don’t have to look like a stock image model in your headshots! Our goal is to show off your personality while making you look professional and ready for anything the world throws at you! Roll your shoulders back, take a deep breath, and think about someone or something that makes you laugh. My trick is to smile a little bigger than I think I should be in photos, which tends to give me a less stiff expression. Try it next time you’re in front of the camera! If you feel a little silly, it’s probably working.

headshot of woman on ivy

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