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My Must-Listen Business Podcasts

Feb 7

You’ll most likely find me in front of my computer when I’m not downtown photographing portraits or shooting an event. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes in my photography business! Editing photos, emailing clients, and blogging are a major part of my workdays. I listen to business podcasts when sitting for long stretches in front of my screen. They make me feel double productive! There are a ton out there, but here are my favorites (plus a couple of non-business related podcasts for ya!).

The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher

Image: iTunes

Jenna Kutcher is my absolute favorite! I have taken a few of her courses, from the Instagram Lab to the Pinterest Lab, and they are all incredible! Jenna churns out content for her podcast like no one’s business, so there is always a new episode to listen to. My favorite episode of Goal Digger is episode #2, Creating an Unforgettable Brand with Jen Olmsted of Tonic Site Shop. I loved hearing about Jen’s design process, and ended up buying one of her website templates!

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Image: iTunes

Online Marketing Made Easy is geared mostly towards business owners that run online courses, but I find that there are tons of useful nuggets of wisdom in each episode. I especially love two episodes of this business podcast (and they happen to be back to back!). One is episode #182, How to Mega-Batch Your Content (super useful when you’re trying to blog regularly!). The other is episode #183, How to Create Your Promotional Calendar (I planned my 2018 business goals with this episode!).

Girlboss Radio

Image: iTunes

I loved Sophia Amoruso’s book #Girlboss (and the Netflix show), and the podcast version is no exception! I loved the episode with the founder of Ban.do, Jen Gotch. Sophia takes her listeners through each guest’s story and professional trajectory. I love Ban.do products (their annual planner with amazing sticker accessories are my go-to’s!) It’s always encouraging to hear where other successful women started out!

Creative Empire

Image: iTunes

Creative Empire covers a wide range of topics, which is what I love about it! If I’m searching for help in a specific area, Creative Empire always has an episode about it. One of my favorites was an episode called How to Brand Your Photography Business with Vanessa Valez. Tons of useful tips of social media & website branding.

Bonus Faves:

I’ll rely on the podcasts I love listening to just for fun when I’m feeling overwhelmed by all of the amazing business tips (which happens often)!

WTF with Marc Maron

Image: iTunes

Marc brings on guests from celebrities to artists to musicians and he simply has a laid-back conversation with them. I loved the movie Ladybird, so his episode with director Greta Gerwig was the bomb!

Up and Vanished

Image: iTunes

Who doesn’t love an unsolved murder podcast? This one was recommended to me by my friend and fabulous blogger Hillary, and it did not disappoint. It blew other podcasts like Serial out of the water for me because this one actually has a crazy, satisfying ending. And there are tons of episodes, so it just keeps giving.

I would love to hear what podcasts you listen to, business or not! I am always looking for suggestions to add to my list!







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