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Dec 12


I can’t believe Hunter and I have been in our new house for almost a year! I meant to give you all house updates throughout the year, but it fell to the end of the priority list. I want to make house updates a regular feature on the blog, so consider this an intro post!

Updating, organizing, and decorating interiors has always been a hobby of mine (I was the kid that wanted to re-paint their bedroom every year). It’s been exciting to make the house our own and dream up new projects!

The Origin Story

Hunter had been looking at houses online for over a year before we bought. The market in Charleston was crazy, so he was keeping tabs on what our options might look like. We decided to finally go look with a realtor in Mt. Pleasant, James Island, and West Ashley the first week in January of 2018.

Hunter and I looked at five or six houses that day, and the second house we looked at ended up being our favorite! Hunter had a hunch about this house before we even saw it in person. We thought about it a lot that night, and returned the next day to confirm our love. Poor Hunter dealt with the entire buying process (including some previous termite issues), but we didn’t have any major hiccups. Within about a month, the house was ours!

Our Progress So Far

The couple we bought from lived there for 20 years and meticulously kept the house. The kitchen was remodeled in 2014 so we don’t need to do any major renovations upon move-in. The bathrooms, which we may update at some point, are straight out of the 1960’s (Pepto Bismol-pink tile and all!). The decor was totally grandma-esque, but we knew the house had amazing bones for the area and price range.

I thought we’d be much further along on decorating by now, but that’s how it always goes, right!? This year we’ve worked on creating a great base, so 2019 will be the year for decorating! We’ve painted everything but the two guest rooms and the mud room (we also need to finish some trim but that’s the worst!). Hunter’s dad also helped us demolish some pretty gnarly shelves in the dining room. Scroll below to see a few of the main rooms we’ve tackled so far. 

Next Steps for 2019

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by ALL the house projects and spend all of your free time working on them. In 2019 I’m starting with my top 3 projects and going from there. First, I want to finish painting the guest rooms & trim so we can start decorating. Next, I want to tackle our bedroom because it’s looking pretty drab right now! Finally, I want to outfit the dining room with a new rug and console table. I’ll be sure to give you all house updates as we finish these projects (and add more I’m sure!).

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Photos by BEN SASSO