10 Signs You’re Ready to Book a VIP Day Brand Photoshoot


August 10, 2022

Wondering if a VIP Day brand photoshoot is the right fit for you? I’ve rounded up 10 signs that you might be ready to invest in strategic brand photography for your business. If you need a refresh on the details of the VIP Day before we get started, head here!

Woman in a royal blue jumpsuit flipping through a photography coffee table book in a clean, modern kitchen. From a VIP Day brand photoshoot with Jordan Duvall.

10 Signs You’re Ready to Book a VIP Day Brand Photoshoot

01. You want your brand to be memorable. 

It’s not a great feeling to know that your branding (that is, your logo, color scheme, brand voice, etc.) is confusing. Just like your logo can help consumers associate your brand with your products or services, brand photos can, too. Your brand identity needs to flow together to make your products and services stick in the minds of your potential clients and customers. Without a doubt, they’ll be more likely to relate and connect with your brand.

02. You want to reach and exceed your business goals.

Launching your new website soon? Introducing a new product or service? Selling tickets to your next in-person event? Trying out a new Facebook ads strategy? To reach these goals, you’ll need the right brand photos. With a VIP Day brand photoshoot, we’ll create the exact photos you need to support your biggest goals.

03. You want to make more money.

Who doesn’t?! When you don’t have the right brand photos, making sales is harder. Your brand may be muddled and not aligned with the genius that you offer. If your photos are “good” but not strategic, you may be missing out on sales, opportunities, ideal clients, and MONEY. Think about what some extra cash could do for you: you could invest back into your business, your team, and your family. When you invest in a VIP Day brand shoot, you’ll make your money back and then some. 

04. You want to sell your products more efficiently and effectively.

The right brand images will speak directly to your ideal clients and customers, making your products and services irresistible. Because we’ll do the work to translate what your potential clients want and need, you won’t have to do as much explaining and describing in your sales copy. The images will speak for themselves and become your favorite, easiest sales tool. They’ll help you reach those ambitious revenue goals quickly and skillfully.

Woman in a white blazer, hot pink heels, and ripped jeans standing in front of a white wall with black shutters and window boxes in Charleston, South Carolina. Brand photography by Abby Murphy.

05. You want to decrease your stress and overwhelm. 

Keeping up with the content grind is a necessary part of entrepreneur life these days (trust me, I’ve been there!). When you invest in a VIP Day brand photoshoot, you’ll have a cohesive image collection customized for your brand. It will be super easy to grab a great image for all of your outlets- website, socials, newsletter, and blog any time you need one. My favorite example? Having a headshot at the ready when someone asks for one (maybe you contribute to a magazine or blog, or go viral!). No more digging through old files for that 10-year-old portrait that doesn’t express who you are in the present moment.

06. You want to separate yourself from the competition.

Notice that I said separate, not stand out. You want to make your product or service so unique and so transformative that you put yourself in a completely different category than your competition. One way to do that is with brand photos that highlight your unparalleled skills and process. In the planning stages of your VIP Day brand photoshoot, we’ll do the work to capture what makes your product or service uniquely transformational.

07. You want to spend more time in your zone of genius.

The more you can recognize your “zone of genius” in your role as a business owner, the more efficient (and probably happier!) you’ll feel operating your business day-to-day. A lot goes into staying in your zone of genius, like hiring a team, narrowing down your niche, and asking for help. Outsourcing the things that are not your zone of genius (like brand photography) is the key to staying focused on what you do best.

08. You want more confidence.

I get it. Stepping in front of the camera is probably not on your “that sounds fun!” list. But I’ve seen countless of my own clients transform their view of themselves when they see the photos coming through on the screen. “Is that me!?” is a common question I LOVE hearing. A photoshoot is a chance to honor and celebrate yourself, your hard work, your creativity, your body, and your personality.

Woman's hands flipping through a photography coffee book on a kitchen counter. Brand photography by Abby Murphy in Charleston, South Carolina.

09. You want more time and financial freedom in your personal life.

When you make CEO-level decisions in your business, you make more money. Yay for your business! But have you thought about how this will also affect your personal life? Your family? What impact could you make on your own life and the people you love when you make smart, strategic investments? You likely became a business owner to take advantage of the freedom that comes with entrepreneurship. Take advantage of it!

10. You don’t want to waste time and money. You want to do this right the first time.

You’ve been in business long enough to know that when you cut corners, you get a shoddy result. Maybe you’re just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey, but you don’t want to play games. It’s time to outsource an expert-level team, create a solid foundation, and launch right. There isn’t time for disappointing outcomes and wasted money.

Are you a good fit for a VIP Day Brand Photoshoot?

Here are a few other things to determine if you’re an A+ candidate for a VIP Day photoshoot:

  • You’re a woman or a member of another historically marginalized group.
  • You’re an entrepreneur and you work solo or with a small team.
  • You have a professional skillset that you’ve honed. This could mean you’re a designer, coach, artist, shop owner, marketing expert, baker, copywriter, hairstylist, product creator… the list goes on!
  • You are willing to trust yourself and your brand in the hands of experts. 
  • You are based in the Charleston, SC area, Southeast, or are either willing to travel or pay a travel fee to make your shoot happen.
  • You are loving the brand photos in this post. They’re from my VIP Day shoot with creative director Jordan Duvall!

Consider This

Any of this resonating? If your whole body is saying “YES!,” it’s time to book your VIP Day brand photoshoot.

If you’re still feeling trepidatious about booking your shoot, I invite you to consider what might happen if you don’t listen to your gut.

You might stay stuck at your current revenue level or in your constant state of overwhelm. Your confusing brand messaging may repel the clients you want to work with the most. Your business might start to feel stale, not only to your customers but to yourself. With this in mind, I hope you’ll consider what you’ll gain from a VIP Day shoot, not lose.

If you’re still unsure if a VIP Day brand photoshoot is right for you, email us at hello@abbymurphyphoto.com. We’d love to hear from you and help you make the best decision.


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