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    I'm a branding photographer living in Charleston, South Carolina, a lover of eating strawberries, and my obsession is teaching others how to live a life they love.

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      Ways to Display Framed Art in Every Room of the House

      Nov 18

      Purchasing art can be intimidating as it is, and THEN you have to figure out how to display it. Even though I own a photography shop, I know the frustration of figuring out where and how to hang art. Between deciding on a frame color, material, and size, standing in line at the framer, and getting over the sticker shock, framing can be a pain! Not only do you have to figure out how to frame your art if it’s not already, you also have to choose a spot on your wall, measure, and hang (not as easy as it sounds!).

      Despite the extra steps in displaying framed art, it has an undeniable high end, finished look (though I do love mixing in unframed pieces on occasion, too!). In this post, I rounded up ways to display framed art in every room of the house! These inspiration shots and helpful tips will relieve your framing stress and have you hanging framed art in no time!

      Since I so understand the frustrations framed art can bring, I make it as easy as possible for you to find frames you love at an affordable price in my shop (and as you’ll see below, FREE for a limited time!!). I work with a local framer in Charleston, Artizom, that uses high-quality archival materials. The best part? Every frame comes ready to hang! All you’ll need is a nail or two, a hammer, and a measuring tape. Need some extra help? I’ll work with you 1-1 to decide what size photograph will work best in your space and where to hang it! Email me at abbymurphyphoto@gmail.com for a free consult.

      Free framing sale November 2020

      To further settle your framing woes, I’m holding a FREE framing sale site-wide through November 20, 2020! Now is the best time to grab a ready-to-hang piece of art you love. Don’t add another thing to your list this holiday and order pre-framed art instead. Avoid the line at the framer (no one needs to do that now with COVID, anyway!), the decision making, and the extra stress. Just choose your frame at checkout and BOOM! It’ll arrive at your doorstep ready to hang.

      How to Hang Framed Art

      My general rule of thumb is to hang art at about eye level. Measure 60″ from the floor up the wall. You’ll want the middle of your piece at about this height. Use this measurement as a starting place and make small adjustments from there. My husband Hunter is nearly a foot taller than me, so we usually add an inch or two!

      Ways to Display Framed Art

      Living Room

      Dining Room

      A gallery wall of colorful photographs of Charleston, South Carolina hanging over a mid-century modern dining room table.
      Top left: 12×12″ Pink House // Bottom Left: 12×12″ 0 Tradd // Top Right: 12×12″ 1 East Battery // Bottom Right: 12×12″ Pink Vines
      A large framed photograph of beach houses on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina leaning on a bar cart behind a dining room table.
      Custom framed 26×35″ Beach Houses. Inquire about custom framing here.



      I hope this roundup has you feeling inspired and ready to tackle framing the art in your home! If you loved any of my Charleston prints, keep scrolling to sign up for emails and get 15% off your first purchase!


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