What to Wear for Your Branding Photo Shoot

Mar 6


I find that the #1 thing people stress about before their shoot is what to wear! Every time I have my own photos taken, I struggle with this too, so I get it! Over the years of photographing fellow women in business, I’ve gathered some guidelines to help my clients choose outfits that not only look great in photos but also make them feel amazing.

Before you explore the examples I’ve collected in this post, here are a couple of my essential guidelines to keep in mind when deciding what to wear for your branding photo shoot!

  1. My most important tip: wear what you’re comfortable in and LOVE wearing! Don’t buy a new outfit the night before your shoot and expect to feel amazing in it. Wear your outfit options around, take iPhone photos, and test them out! 
  2. Bring options! For a 1-hour shoot, I encourage clients to bring 2 options, one casual and one more formal. For a 2-hour shoot, we can shoot 2-4 looks. Peruse the examples below to see what I’m talking about!

Casual Looks

More likely than not (especially if you’re an entrepreneur!) you’re not wearing a blazer and trousers to work every day. You might be in your yoga pants and a cozy sweater! Or you might wear comfy jeans and a blouse. Think about what you truly wear in your day-to-day. You can always dress it up or down for a variety of looks!

Formal Looks

If part or all of your business has you wearing formal clothing, bring that as an option! You can always throw a blazer over a top or wear your fanciest dress! Consider what feels like the correct tone for your business. Do you often meet with clients in a blazer? Awesome! Bring one along. Are you running from event to event in a dress? Put on your favorite one! You might as well take advantage of this whole photoshoot thing and put on your favorite fancy look! 

Color & Pattern

Most of the internet will tell you to avoid color and pattern when dressing for your photo shoot, but I totally disagree! I was blown away by this jacket my client Jordan brought to her shoot! She wore it over a pink shirt, a black shirt, and then was able to take it off for some simple shots with the solid shirts. It added a punch of fun to her photos that I’m still drooling over! Don’t be afraid to try a bold look!

If you’re worried about a pattern being too in your face, pair it with a solid on top or bottom. Add jeans to a busy blouse or a solid shirt to a bold skirt!


People tend to worry that accessories will be overpowering, but used sparingly they add a touch of personality and fun! A favorite bag, necklace, bracelet, or even your glasses will all show off your personality. Pick one or two to wear at a time and you’re golden! 

Other Awesome Options

Are you training clients in your workout gear every day? You’ll definitely want to rock that look for most of your photos! If you’re a chef or artist, bring along your apron. What do you wear to do the work you love? Your branding photos will speak to who you are and clearly communicate your business’s mission. 

Any Questions?

Let me know in the comments or shoot me an email here!  

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Photos by BEN SASSO