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      Why Your Business Needs Custom Photography

      Jan 10

      Photography is one of the most important parts of your business. It’s an essential marketing tool, a portfolio builder, and key to elevating your brand. Whether you’re a content creator, store owner, blogger, coach, artist, entrepreneur, or all of the above, custom photography will take your business and your marketing efforts to the next level.

      If you’ve been frustrated by the inconsistency of iPhone photos or stock images, custom photography is the next step! I’ve outlined a couple quick tips about why custom photography is essential for your business, and I highlighted a few examples of how I can help you get there!

      Custom Photography is Your Best Friend in Marketing

      Custom photography is the new #1 marketing tool. Think about it: you’re probably double tapping photos on Instagram before you even read the captions. Photography can capture the attention of your followers much faster than your captions or website copy. Beautiful images are easy to digest and tell a story without saying a word. This is why custom photography becomes so important in your marketing strategy. If you have great photography that is on-brand and high quality, you’ll connect with your ideal clients in an instant.

      Take my recent shoot with women entrepreneurs’ group Hatch Tribe for example. Hatch Tribe’s founder, Hilary Johnson, uses her customized photos from our shoot in marketing emails, Instagram, Facebook, and the website. Currently, she is using the photos to promote a free online challenge catered to her tribe of women entrepreneurs. The photos appear across her platforms, making them instantly recognizable to Hatch Tribe followers.

      Women Entrepreneurs Photos

      Women Entrepreneurs Website

      Photography is Key in Brand Consistency

      Custom photography allows you a lot of creative freedom to match the photos to your brand. You can carefully plan locations, your wardrobe, and props to match your brand’s vibe. If you’re unsure of how to translate your brand into photographs, that’s where a photographer (that’s me!) comes in! We can work together to plan every aspect of your shoot so that it matches your brand and all of the hard work you put in to creating it.

      Custom photography gives you another way to build a clear picture of what your brand is. A set of branded photos gives your business consistency across your digital and print platforms.

      My recent shoot with blogger and Southern Living contributor LCB Style is a great example of brand consistency. Caroline’s brand colors feature light pink, black, and creme. Interesting textures, a little sparkle, and the intricate details that go into making a garment are all important to the LCB Style brand. Caroline is from Alabama, but she already had this pink door picked out for the shoot because she had seen it on Instagram! We explored the surrounding downtown area, searching for interesting walls and textures that matched her brand’s colors. With a mix of wide shots of her outfits detail shots of her accessories, we captured everything her brand is about.

      Fashion Blogger Blog Photos

      See more of this shoot here.

      A Strong Portfolio Equals More Customers

      One of the best ways to gain new customers is to show them the level of work they can expect from you. You definitely don’t want to work hard on a new project only to document it with a less than stellar photo! You put in everything you have to your creative work, and it deserves to be documented beautifully.

      My recent shoot with interior designer Jill Howard is a prime example of this. Jill’s home office proved an incredible place to show off spaces she designed herself, her process, and actual mood boards for current projects. When landing on Jill’s online presence, potential clients now have a clear understanding of Jill’s style and process and know that she’s the real deal.

      Interior Designer Portraits and Headshots

      See more of this shoot here.

      Want Your Own Custom Photos?

      I totally want to create custom, branded photography for your business! Head here to learn more.

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