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      My Everyday Clean Makeup Routine

      Sep 24

      After a particularly bad bout of hormonal acne, I began learning how to treat my skin from the inside out. That included clean eating, consistent exercise, and making natural skincare and makeup swaps. Although I love trying new makeup, it was one of the last things I switched! I didn’t want to waste any of my current products by dumping them in the trash. Most notably, I wasn’t sure I could ever give up my chemical-laden favorites! It was not nearly as hard as I imagined, and now I have an everyday clean makeup routine that is just as good if not better than my previous routine.

      When I considered how cleaning up my makeup routine could improve my breakouts (and how much healthier it would be for myself and the earth!), it was an easy decision to make the switch. I had already switched my skincare to organic, falling in love with brands like Eminence Organics and Primally Pure. Every makeup swap I’ve made has been just as good if not better than the products I used previously. My new everyday clean makeup routine is almost identical to my previous routine, just updated with natural swaps! Hot tip: I love using the app Think Dirty to look up products I currently own or that I’m researching. Each product is assigned a score based on the ingredients and how clean or toxic they might be. It’s super helpful when making cleaner swaps!

      It’s such a relief to know that most of my skincare and makeup products are clean and non-toxic. It feels like a breath of fresh air for my routine! Although I love a good facial and playing with makeup, most days I keep it very simple. My skincare and makeup routine combined takes no more than 10 minutes in the morning (15 if I’m feeling fancy!). I know how hard it is to swap your makeup routine to all natural, so I’m sharing my everyday clean makeup routine with you here, along with my favorite products!

      This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something on this page I may receive a commission at no cost to you. I only share products and brands that I truly love and use in my everyday life and want to recommend to you!

      My Everyday Clean Makeup Routine

      Sunscreen: I always start my day with Juice Beauty’s Oil-Free SPF 30 Moisturizer. It goes on a little thick and has a slight white cast at first because it contains zinc, but it goes on easily and blends well. It sets the stage for sun protection and smooth makeup application!

      My Favorite Clean Makeup

      Foundation: I am obsessed with Ilia Beauty’s Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40. I apply just a few drops to my fingertips and blend all over my face. The formula is really light and looks better and better as it sinks into your skin. It looks and feels like your skin- exactly what you want in a foundation! Ilia has amazing customer service to help you pick out a shade, too! Just email them a selfie and they’ll ask you a couple of questions to match your shade. I was a little nervous to order a shade I’d never tried online, but it was perfect. I’m shade Bom Bom ST5.

      Powder: For the past couple of years, I’ve used RMS Beauty’s Tinted Un-Powder in shade 0-1. They have an un-tinted version as well, but I love the extra coverage it gives me. I have oily skin, and this powder keeps me matte without looking heavy. If I start to get shiny later in the day, I can reapply and it doesn’t look cakey at all.

      Concealer: W3ll People’s Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer in shade Light is my new go-to. I struggle with hormonal acne and this concealer conceals my blemishes perfectly. I previously used Make Up For Ever’s Full Cover Concealer and I do think that has better staying power. But for a clean alternative, I’ve really been liking W3ll People’s concealer. Sometimes I’ll put some on right after my foundation, add some powder, and reapply another thin layer. That helps give it a longer wear time.

      Blush: I found a blush I love from another new brand to me, Lily Lolo. I recently purchased their Pressed Blush in shade Coming up Roses. The shade gives my fair skin much-needed color and is just the right pigmentation. Lily Lolo products are all vegan, which is another added bonus!

      Eyeshadow: I have been loving Lily Lolo’s Eye Palette in Laid Bare. I have used Urban Decay Naked Palette’s since day 1, but I have happily converted to Lily Lolo’s cleaner alternative. The colors are almost identical to Naked Palettes and just as pigmented. I don’t think I’ll ever go back!

      Eyeliner: I use RMS Beauty’s Vintage Cake Liner with a small angled brush right along my top lash line. I wet the brush just a tiny bit so it goes on more pigmented. It’s sold out on most websites, but I found it at Anthropologie!

      Mascara: Another RMS Beauty staple of mine is their Volumizing Mascara. I’ll curl my lashes before applying for a little extra pop and apply mascara from the roots to tips. This mascara helps lift and define them and it never clumps!

      Highlighter: If I’m feeling extra fancy, I’ll also dab RMS Beauty’s Living Luminizer onto my brow bone, my tear ducts, and the tops of my cheekbones. Their Luminizer gives me a natural, non-sparkly glow that I love!

      Lips: I haven’t found my go-to clean lip color yet, simply because I haven’t looked. I’ve always liked to keep it super simple on my lips! But I do love Primally Pure’s Natural Lip Balm. I throw it on every morning to finish off my routine.

      Makeup Remover: Before bed, taking off my makeup is essential. I use Primally Pure’s Cleansing Oil for Oily Skin as both a face cleanser and a makeup remover. I rub it into my skin in circular motions and finish with a hot washcloth. It feels like I’m at the spa! If you’re like me and have oily skin, you’ve probably been afraid to try oil cleansers. After I finally took the plunge, I’ll never be without it!

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