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      Landscape Designer Branding Photoshoot with Kristian Thiem

      Feb 25

      You know that feeling when you work with someone and it’s just FUN? That was my experience with a recent landscape designer branding photoshoot with Kristian Thiem. Kristian owns Tidal Creek Designs, a landscape design firm based in Johns Island, South Carolina. Kristian came to me about branding photography in hopes of creating images that would tell her brand’s story. We worked together to plan a branding shoot that felt totally aligned with her personality and business goals, and I am so excited about the results! She came away with a collection of natural portraits, process shots, and details that fully represent what she does best. Ready to see Kristian’s full branding shoot? Let’s get to it!

      Landscape Designer Branding Photoshoot

      Planning Kristian’s Shoot

      The first step in planning Kristian’s branding shoot was getting to know Kristian and her business. I wanted to know what makes her business tick, long-term goals, and vision for the photos. In every Signature Branding shoot of mine, I start by sending the client a brand questionnaire. Some of the questions include “what words describe your brand?” and “who are your competitors and what makes you unique?” The branding questionnaire is an essential step in helping me fully understand a client’s business. Most importantly, it also helps my clients clarify their own goals and vision for photos. I love having a collaborative planning process with my branding clients.

      Kristian gave me such thoughtful, in-depth questionnaire answers! I got insight into not only her personality, but also the personal care she gives each landscape design client. I learned that Kristian’s ultimate goal with her landscape designs is to create functional and beautiful spaces in which her clients can create lasting memories. She loves to get to know her clients on a personal basis so that she can design around their lifestyle. With these core values in mind, I made sure to highlight Kristian’s personality and love of design and function.

      Locations & Props

      Kristian also wanted her love of the outdoors to shine in her photos (of course!). She suggested shooting at her favorite local nursery Meeting Green, which I was instantly on board with! As soon as we arrived at Meeting Green, Kristian gleefully gravitated towards her favorite plants. She brought two small planters for “working shots,” which I love to incorporate into all of my branding shoots. These process shots always end up being my favorites! They show my clients in their element and tell the story of their brand.

      Next, Kristian and I headed downtown Charleston for dressier portraits. I helped Kristian pick out 2 of her favorite dresses to wear, and she added the fun sunglasses! She told me she is nearly always wearing them, so it felt essential that she include them in at least some of her portraits. I agreed wholeheartedly! I always encourage my clients to wear things they know they love and already wear in their everyday lives.

      Finally, we ended the shoot at Kristian’s house. We photographed Kristian in her backyard chicken coop, as well as on her home’s dock. Kristian often works and designs on her iPad on the dock, so I loved capturing her in her element. Kristian later admitted she felt the most natural in front of the camera at home, and it showed!

      Thank you Kristian!

      Kristian and I had so much fun planning and executing her landscape designer branding photoshoot! While her website started with landscape renderings only, she now has a full visual library to fill her website and social media channels with. Throughout the year, Kristian and I plan to photograph her completed client projects and add more branding photos to her library. I can’t wait to keep shooting together! Want to see more branding shoots? Head to the blog to explore or here to book a shoot of your own!

      P.S. I can personally attest to Kristian’s landscape design skills. She helped my husband Hunter and I begin the process of completely overhauling our landscaping. If you’re in need of landscape design or custom furniture in Charleston, I can’t recommend her enough!


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