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      Here’s Why You Should Be Scheduling Your Brand Shoots Ahead of Time

      Sep 7

      Ever wondered how often you should be scheduling your brand shoots? Or how often you need to be updating your visual content? You’re not alone! While the answer is not the same for every business owner, consistency is your friend. In this post, I’m rounding up 4 reasons why scheduling your brand shoots ahead of time is so important. It’s why I created my new brand photography membership!

      Check out the thoughts I’ve listed below, and the questions to determine how often your business needs new brand photos.

      Before we start, I have to shout out to my client Meeting Green! We’ve created the photos in this post (and so many more) by working together 2 times per month. Consistency experts, am I right!?

      Woman's hands planting various plants in a grey terra cotta planter.
      A plant display of cacti and succulents at a garden center shop

      Here’s Why You Should Be Scheduling Your Brand Shoots Ahead of Time

      01. Your photos will be consistent

      When you schedule your shoots ahead of time, you’re giving yourself the gift of consistency. That is, consistency in your own calendar and your content schedule. Not to mention the look and feel of your brand photos. Working with a brand photographer who knows your business inside and out will strengthen your brand with every shoot. These cohesive images allow your potential customers to more quickly and deeply connect with your brand.

      It’s much harder to get a cohesive look when you only do a brand photoshoot every two to three years. Consequently, you may end up working with multiple photographers that don’t know your brand well. I don’t discourage working with different creatives, by the way. I love to spread the love around to my fellow photographers! But, if you’re the type that knows you’d benefit from that extra layer of consistency, don’t sleep on this tip.

      02. You’ll reach your business goals faster

      If there’s one thing I want you to take from this post, it’s this: your brand photos are a key player in your marketing strategy. Just like your ideal client persona, the copywriting on your website, or your holiday sales promotions, your visual content is key in reaching your business goals.

      With each of your scheduled shoots, you’ll begin to consider how your photos can support your coming goals. For example, what photos do you need to support that holiday sales promotion you’ve got coming up this fall? What types of images do you need to promote this sale on social media, your website, and your newsletter? How can you accurately depict the feeling you want your customers to have while interacting with your brand during this promotion?

      When you start to think of your brand photos as a key part of your marketing strategy and goal-getting, everything starts to fall into place. This leads me to my next point…

      03. You’ll always have photos to use

      When you’ve planned your brand photos based on your goals, your marketing strategy becomes easier to execute. Your plan of action becomes clearer. Those Instagram captions you scheduled for next quarter? You’ve got photos for that. The new page on your website announcing your new service? You’ve got photos for that. When you schedule your brand photoshoots ahead of time, you’ll always have the visuals you need.

      04. You’ll be less stressed

      Knowing that you’ve got your brand shoots on the calendar for the year ahead? Talk about stress relief! Many of my clients tell me that once their shoot was simply on their calendar, it gave them the push they needed to take action. Otherwise, they felt like it always got pushed down to the bottom of the to-do list. Trust me, I’ve been there! When you schedule important, collaborative events like a brand photoshoot in your calendar ahead of time, you’ll thank yourself down the road!

      Plants in a greenhouse at Meeting Green in Charleston, South Carolina.
      Garden Croton plant

      How often should I update my brand photos?

      Here are some questions to consider when deciding how often you should be updating your photos:

      • How often do you post on social media, and what types of content do you post (does every photo need to be professional to go with your aesthetic, or are you mixing in photos with lots of videos, reels, and graphics?)
      • Do you have digital content (PDF resources, online courses, etc.)? How often do they need to be updated? Do you have 1-2 flagship offerings or do you create new resources every week?
      • How often are you updating your website? Can your images stay where they are for a year or do you update your site more often with the seasons or with new content?
      • Are you launching new products or services every season? If so, you probably need new photos more often.

      I hope this post gives you a better sense of how often you should be scheduling your brand shoots. Have more questions? Email us at hello@abbymurphyphoto.com. We’d love to hear from you!


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